Cape Tiburon
Cape Tiburon

The following work, despite being based on actual facts, described by Alexandre Olivier Exquemelin (1645 – 1707) in his historic-biography, published in Amsterdam in 1678, with the Dutch title De Americaensche Zee-Roovers (in English countries published under the name: The Buccaneers of America. In Italy, my country, was published under the name: Bucanieri d’America), is purely a figment of my imagination.

The historic event cited by the pirate-surgeon Exquemelin, regarding the French buccaneer Pierre Le Grand, which presumably took place in 1635, and described by the author in a very fragmentary and cursory fashion, citing only the dynamics of the events that took place that night, in the vicinity of cape Tiburón, on the south-western coast of the island of Haiti, was based on dialogues between pirates and the Spanish victims of the attack.

What I have done is to gather historic facts and hook on my version of Le Grand’s endeavours, that could seem quite questionable to outsiders. All reference to people, living or dead, is purely casual and the use of the story, as aforementioned, is purely non-fictional.


1635. The pirate dugout, the Chasseur, 32 feet in length and with 29 filibusters on board, is adrift after a storm in the Caribbean Sea. The long canoe is located five miles west of Cape Tiburon, a rocky headland to the southwest of Haiti-Santo Domingo, which reigns as a giant sea monster on that stretch of sea. The castaways are like lost souls languishing in an infinite asthenia: who, pushed by hunger, thirst and greed, drove them to sea. The commander of the buccaneers, a certain Pierre Le Grand, has sighted something near Cape Tiburon. There is no doubt about it: it is an enormous Spanish galleon. The pirate issues a feral cry on deck, an order to attack and by rowing their boat through the night, Le Grand first sinks his vessel, the Chasseur, and then launches his men onboard the immense warship. Alive in open waters or dead under the sea. This is life of a pirate.

Aaronne Colagrossi
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